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Plan12  - Liveable Cities, aims to analyze and debate the development of our cities with the aim of producing liveable local areas and public spaces. The goal will be to find intelligent answers which offer long-term solutions to pressing social, transport, climate, and aesthetic problems.

More than 40 exhibition projects and events will be held in a wide variety of city venues with around 100 bookable dates for the public.
This year’s venue for meetings hosted by plan, as well as the meeting point for festival goers and the central site for exhibits and events, is the events hall of the EU project, Design Quartier Ehrenfeld – DQE. The exhibition arena radiates outward from this central point over the Helios site, the Cologne district of Ehrenfeld and the city as a whole.

Exhibits forming part of the comprehensive program include:

'Hands-On Urbanism 1850–2012. Rights to a green space'
A reworking of an exhibition shown at the Architectural Center in Vienna. The curator, Elke Krasny, takes as her theme historical and contemporary case studies highlighting urban development from below, self-help organizations, and community camps and gardens, and provides an overview of the collective informal movements and spaces which have sprung up as a result.

'Unter den Brücken – Under the Bridges'
A workshop led by Thomas Knüvener, with participants including students from Cologne’s University of Applied Sciences and Texas A&M University, will focus on the spaces under Cologne’s bridges over the Rhine, and will seek to develop concepts for use, as well as design solutions.

'Distinct Ambiguity'
An exhibit hosted by the AIT – ArchitekturSalon Cologne concentrating on the exceptional design concepts of the international architectural practice GRAFT – from zero-energy houses in Malaysia to a prototype for solar kiosks for Africa.
The large-scale workshop will feature lecturers from seven universities from the North Rhine Westphalia region who will debate the plan for the Cologne 'Via Sacra' project, which aims to provide an architectural “pilgrimage route”, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists, in the form of a series of small-scale visitor sites. The workshop will be accompanied by lectures and discussion panels.

'Productive Urban Landscapes'
The M:AI Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW is hosting an exhibit on projects taking place in North Rhine Westphalia. The Cologne Community Gardens NeuLand and Obsthain Grüner Weg, and the Alpener Platz interest group are presenting their work in the form of garden workshops and events.

'On a Scale of 1:3, Productive Urban Landscape in Ehrenfeld'
A workshop and exhibition project by The Design Quarter Ehrenfeld in conjunction with Prof. Katrin Bohn of the Technical University Berlin.

A program and catalogue featuring all exhibition projects and events has been published.
Entrance to plan is free.


In 2012, the international architectural forum plan is being hosted for the 13th time. 
plan, founded in 1999, is hosting an exhibit of its activities on a biennial basis in Cologne/Germany named plan Architektur Biennale Köln. plan12 will continue the methodological approach employed by the plan12 prolog held in October 2011.

Program initiators and organizers:
Kay von Keitz and Sabine Voggenreiter.
plan is supported by the City of Cologne and the Ministry for Construction, Housing, Urban Development and Transport for the North Rhine Westphalia region.
Other partner organizations are the M:AI Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW and GAG Immobilien AG.

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